From wedding venue to recovery gear!

From wedding venue to recovery gear!

Posted by Tana McClean on 15th Feb 2014

You are probably asking yourself how do these things end up on the same page? It's a little eclectic but I bring it all together while keeping everything in its place. I've always said I'm more than just one of the guys, a princess in combat boots if you will, and so combining a company that hosts weddings and sells recovery gear just some how works!

The recovery gear aspect came first with an amazing offer to be the exclusive dealer for Monster Rigging gear on the west coast. As a passionate Jeep girl the idea of working in the offload industry and making a living has always been a dream, so this was an offer I couldn't refuse. A few months of phone calls, planning and set up later and I was just about ready to go live with my online sales and then I bought a ranch.

The first time I saw the sunset over the pond I started dreaming of country weddings, old barns, gazebos and fairy lights. I was inspired. I wanted to provide this gorgeous backdrop for couples to start their future, to continue their love story. I immediately started planning my upgrades and building with this in mind. I named the ranch. I started a website and facebook page and I established my LLC. My goal is to be ready to start accepting reservations in January 2023!

Now I've got to admit, the idea of combining these two ideas in to one company was really stressing me out. I couldn't figure out how to tie them together. I wasn't happy just throwing them both collectively under one name, one company, one website, when they seemed to have no connection, no string to bind them. And then inspiration struck and my slogan was born....


And there you have it, the tie that binds and a little silliness thrown in!! So if ya wanna get married or you just wanna pull yourself out of a ditch at C&S Ranch we've got you covered!!